Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tallahassee - Soft Wash - Roof Stain Removal - Pressure Cleaning

Today, Capital Roof Wash and Exterior Cleaning performed not only a fantastic Soft Wash roof cleaning but also helped this homeowner achieve a goal without spending thousands of dollars. How you ask? Well, this homeowner was told that because he had a dirty, algae stained roof and looked like it needed to be replaced, that he would not receive as much money for a home equity line of credit as if his roof shingles were clean. This statement was from an inspector with the mortgage company.

The homeowner called us for a quote to clean his shingles. Not only did we clean his shingles but also gave him a visual inspection for any blatant defects like possible leaks around vent stacks, missing or broken shingles and extreme shingle granular loss that could lead to future roof leaks.

dirty roof
Before our Cleaning
shingle streaks
Dirty Roof
Soft Wash Being Applied
non pressure roof cleaning worker
Shingle Cleaning in Progress
Algae Removal Almost Complete
roof after soft washing in Tallahassee
Completed Tallahassee Roof Cleaning

We here at Capital Roof Wash and Exterior Pressure Washing are a "One Stop" solution to all your roof and exterior cleaning needs! We ONLY use the Soft Wash solution that all shingle manufactures specifically recommend or have your warranty voided. Pressure cleaning is for concrete, Soft Wash is for roof shingles!

Visit our website at below for more information or to receive a free quote!

Ray Wilkinson
Capital Roof Wash and Exterior Cleaning

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